The Leap to Unlimited Control
Over Your Shipments
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Don't Worry,
You Won't Get Lost Again.
Manage an unlimited number of containers from a single dashboard. Stay on top of your shipment status with live notifications. Keep all your documents and history safe in our archives.
All in One
Save your time and gather all the information and insights you need in one comprehensive dashboard.
Live Tracking
With our breakthrough live tracking, you’ll always know where your shipments stand. Enjoy the most accurate position for your ships with a full view of our map.
Exception Notification
Even if you don’t have time to monitor all your shipments, we’ll make sure you get the updates that need your attention.
Track My Shipment
How do I track my shipment?
Just drop your booking, BL or container number in our search component, and get a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to track your shipment in real time and receive updates throughout the shipping process.
Can I track my shipment without booking through Nowlun?
Yes, you definitely can! Our end goal will always be to offer a stress-free shipping experience to all shippers. Simply put your container numbers in our search bar, no matter how many shipments, we will create your dashboard so you can monitor them anywhere anytime.
How many containers can I track and how much I’ll pay per container?
As many as you have! Our main goal is to offer you an easier shipping journey so, enjoy free tracking to an unlimited number of containers.